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Zodiac Sign Cup/ Gift Set

Zodiac Sign Cup/ Gift Set

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Product information:
Capacity: Aries-Warm Cup, Virgo-Warm Cup, Taurus-Warm Cup, Cancer-Warm Cup, Capricorn-Warm Cup, Sagittarius-Warm Cup, Leo-Warm Cup, Pisces-Warm Cup Cup, Gemini-Warm Cup, Aquarius-Warm Cup, Libra-Warm Cup, Scorpio-Warm Cup, Aries-Warm Cup (Gift Box), Virgo-Warm Cup (Gift Box), Taurus-Warm Cup (Gift Box), Cancer-Warm Cup (Gift Box), Capricorn-Warm Cup (Gift Box), Sagittarius-Warm Cup (Gift Box), Leo-Warm Cup (Gift Box) , Pisces-Warm Cup (Gift Box), Gemini-Warm Cup (Gift Box), Aquarius-Warm Cup (Gift Box), Libra-Warm Cup (Gift Box), Scorpio-Warm Cup (Gift Box) Gift Box)
Material: Ceramic
Volume: 400ml
Packing: ordinary/gift box
Accessories: spoon and lid

Packing list:
Cup x1

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