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Power Spray Small Fan

Power Spray Small Fan

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1. Fast cooling, atomization, hydration, desktop fan, humidification, water supplement, nano spray
2. Two-in-one, spray and fan combination, ingenious design, combining the hydrator and fan, not only the fan but also the hydrator
3. Nano ice fog cooling, ice cool attack, the use of water molecules atomization technology, so that water molecules diffuse into the air, humidify the air, water moistens the whole day
4. Strong power motor, long-distance blowing, airflow concentration, spiral air wind, blowing, dense but not scattered
5. Four-gear wind speed, the wind is free, from one gear to four gears, from soft to strong, four-gear wind optional

Product information:
Power type: lithium battery
Color: white, black, pink
Rated Power: 1
Product Size: 75*42*165mm
Operation mode: normal button
Motor type: brushless motor
Applicable area: 1 square meter
Rated Voltage: 3.7
Additional features: spray fan, handheld fan
Fan Speed Mode: 4 gear

Packing list:
Handheld fan * 1
Product Image:

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